These are the people who manage the club. Buy them beer.

Management of the Club is carried out by an elected Committee, which consists of the following officers: Club Captain, Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary, Team Captain and a Recruitment and Publicity Officer. From time to time the Committee may co-opt additional members for any special purpose, as is deemed necessary.

Meetings are usually held four times during the year to ensure that all necessary business is carried out to fulfil the Club's obligations to its members and to the League, deal with matters of pitch hire and finances, and the important organisation of social events. We publish Committee meeting minutes so members can keep informed of what's going on. Once a year the Club holds its AGM, some time after the end of the season, at which time a new Committee is elected and the annual awards are presented.

The committee for 2017-18:

Club Captain

Aye aye, Cap'n.

Louise A

Writes things in meetings


Bambi has nothing on her... Plus, she holds the purse strings, so be nice.

Kate F
Fixtures Secretary

Sorts out when and where we play.

Team Captain

Organises the team, decides who plays where.

Social Secretary

Organises social events.

Recruitment and Publicity